My projects.

Portrait inside out 2021

The theme of the project is “Plato. What we see and what we understand” (The Myth of the Cave).
The series consists of several graphic ink sheets. The idea of ​​their creation was not so much in the portrait resemblance, but in the method of implementation. The ink was applied on one side and impregnated a sheet of paper, forming spots on the reverse side, an imprint. The process of work is very interesting, in fact you do not touch the front side with a brush.
Sheets were exhibited in special frames with double glass so that both sides could be seen.

Pandemic COVID. Italy Foro Romano 2021

„I completed a series of works on the theme of the pandemic.
Yes, it is unexpected, just as unexpectedly this virus came to us. I wrote views of Italy on a different topic when it all happened, people began to die, and so rapidly that it was hard to believe my eyes. In different countries, places for exhibitions, football fields turned into infirmaries, I decided that my plots should be adapted to what was so lacking, these are additional places and ventilators.

With my work, I wanted to support all doctors and those who need treatment for COVID-19.“
Irina Zelenina

“Landscapes of Karabakh” 2019

Triptych. Paper, Sanguina 2020
In the fall of 2020, hostilities escalated in the territory of Karabakh.
Despite the sad events, Nagorno-Karabakh, in its essence, is a place with stunning nature, with amazing landscapes.
My idea is to show through the landscape the troubled history of disputes, wars and conflicts that took place on this earth.
It seems to me that sauce and sanguine as "earthy" materials are well suited to express the state. Sanguina, translated from the Latin sanguis - “blood”, is able to convey this long-term tension.