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Art Zelenina

"Art memory 1" Original

"Art memory 1" Original

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Here is one work from the series: Evening, Day and Morning in Painting. In this work, I show how painting has changed over the centuries using the example of an evening landscape. how did the priorities in painting change? It starts from the classical landscape, moving smoothly to the landscapes of the Impressionists. I came up with what the landscape of Malevich would look like during a hot sunset. There is also an evening landscape from Rothko. Further, I suppose how you can show the sunset in modern painting. And at the end, a logical question arises: What will the future paintings inspired by the evening landscape look like?

This is a one of a kind piece created and painted by me. I always sign my work on the front side and on every painting. You will also receive a certificate of authenticity and instructions for caring for the painting

I am also ready to frame the picture. You will receive a picture that you can immediately hang on the wall. To clarify the design details and wishes, please contact me directly in the message. I will be happy to personally discuss your wishes. Discounts available on future purchases. When buying, the service for returning the painting is triggered within 14 days after receiving the parcel. (On different sales sites, the number of days may vary depending on the policy of the site).


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