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Art Zelenina

"Water column from Berlin" Original

"Water column from Berlin" Original

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A «Water column from Berlin» is a conceptual painting. The detailed image of the column is made in high quality realistic art in sustained deep tonality of greens and blues. Additional warm paints show rust and cracked paint. The partial absence of decorative elements speaks of the long history of the object. The height of the column image is 187 cm (73.6 inches) on a white local background. A figure cut out of context gives us a better understanding of its appearance without reference to a place. High quality linen canvas and primed blends were used in the creation of the painting. Waterproof acrylic paint was used to create the white background. The column was painted exclusively with oil paints (Van Gogh, Mussini) with high quality color retention for many decades. The painting was covered in 2 stages. The column is separately coated with an elite quality finishing varnish. The second layer of finishing varnish covers the entire surface of the painting. 

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